Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween: My take on Witch Makeup

So a couple of my sisters and I planned on going to this "Witches Night Out" event that they throw here in Utah and I wanted to do a makeup that was less traditional. I initially was going to do a green makeup, but after looking online I felt more inspired by a more realistic old age witch.
I need to buy some wigs to really pull all of these looks together, but o well. You get the idea.

 I started with covering the tail ends of my eyebrows. (glue stick, conceal, powder) and then went all over my face a high coverage foundation mixed with some gray face paint. I used a black eyeliner and a tiny eyeliner brush to make small flicking motions to simulate hairs.

I scrunched up my face and made angry faces to help me figure out where to create the shadows. I accentuated any wrinkles that I already had, and created a few new ones. I traced them out first with a brown eyeliner and then blended them downwards with a cool toned brown eyeshadow.
Then I highlighted above the wrinkles with a white eyeshadow. I think this really made them pop.

after that, there were a few lines that I wanted to look even deeper so I look my brown eyeliner and deepened up those lines a bit. That was around the mouth, eyes, and nose.

For the lips, I wanted them to look thinner and uneven so that's what I did. I used MAC Ruby Woo for the red. I didn't lined them because I wanted them to look a little rough.

Then for the warts I used a brown eyeliner to create and fill in the shape. Then I took a bit of brown eyeshadow to create a shadow. The tiny disgusting mole hairs were done with an eyeliner brush and brown gel liner. And to give them more dimension I did a little white dot on them.
I powdered everything with translucent powder and sprayed the crap out of it with Ben Nye's Final Seal. And makeup did not budge all night!

These photos were taken in natural lighting and are not edited or retouched, I just spent a lot of time blending everything.

I laughed so much while I was doing this makeup because I knew I am someday going to look a lot like this. Hopefully sans hairy warts. ;) When I got home my husband was laughing at me so hard. He said "you look so...old" so I think the makeup was successful!

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  1. This is Amazing makeup! Going to try this look tonight! I'm doing a Halloween series on my Instagram makeup page. ( ) Can't wait to try this! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  3. This is very helpful! I have started designing makeup for community theater and sometimes need to do age makeup. I've pinned this and may use it for the villainness in the production I'm currently working on. Very clear instructions, which make the pictures even more helpful. Thank you!