Saturday, December 27, 2014

Makeup for abc4's The Younger You

A friend of mine is the makeup artist for a local show here in Utah called The Younger You. She was not able to do one of their segments and so generously asked if I would be able to fill in for her. I really do love all aspects of my job. I love brides and beauty makeup, but I also get so much enjoyment out of switching things up. I love being on set, I love seeing what goes on behind the scenes and meeting people that I would probably not meet otherwise.

What are some of your must-haves? Anything you don't see here that might change my life?
For this segment they interviewed a doctor who has helped so many people with their diet health. They brought in a family who had all had health issues and had been to countless doctors and finally had some great results with Dr Redd. Lucky for me, everyone was beautiful! And not only one the outside, but these ladies were a party! I kept on saying how much fun it must be to be at their family get-togethers.

love my job.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

On set with a reindeer

I had the opportunity to work with an amazing local production company last week. Avalanche Studios was putting together a commercial and I had so much fun being a small part of it.

Thank you Jason Conforto for capturing some great moments.

I'm shocked that Gary let us get a picture of me touching up his makeup. He is ex-military and definitely a "man's man" and certainly wasn't excited to see me.  :) But he was a good sport about it.

Makin' it rain...
They had a rain scene so they had water towers and a water truck brought in, it was pretty cool. My favorite line from the day was when the truck driver drove through the "storm" for the first time. He got over the walkie-talkies and yelled "SWEET!!!"
Day 3 was definitely my favorite, we had a reindeer!
She was a very mild-mannered deer and the love she had for her wrangler, Matt, was so adorable. She followed him around like a puppy.
Her name was Freya and she was a sweetheart. I wanted to take her home with me!
Within minutes of meeting her Matt told me I could take her on a walk. I was pretty intimidated, as I have never walked a reindeer before, but I obviously took him up on it.  She was so chill.

Thank you for having me Avalanche Studios, I had so much fun.