Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Portrait Sale with Brooke Bakken

Photography by Brooke Bakken (duh)

It's that time people! I can't believe its Holiday season already! But how lucky for you, you can sit in your warm house on your comfy couch and get a killer deal for yourself and/or a loved one.
Brooke Bakken, the amazing photographer, and I are teaming up to offer you a portrait session with hair and makeup included! Brooke is such a talent. If you have ever seen her work, you love it, and if you haven't seen it go check it out here. She has an amazing eye and she is a BLAST to work with. 

 The FULL Portrait Experience-  $300 (valued at $550)
  • One hour session (at the location of your choice)
  • Hair and Make Up Included
  • $100 deposit due at booking
  • Session is good for up to ONE year from date of purchase
  • ONLY 10 Spots available

The Fine Print:
*Hair and make up is included for one person per session. Each additional person over 18 (who would like hair and makeup) +$75 each. Email with questions regarding smaller girls. 
**Sessions are good for Utah AND So. California. Open to travel. Email me for travel options.
*** Sessions do not include bridals or wedding day coverage.
To Book a session (or gift one!!) email or and an invoice will be sent your way!! Happy shopping!

Here are a couple of pictures of the team you could be hiring to get the best portrait experience ever!

Photographed by Breanna Mckendrick
Thank you Brooke for putting this deal together. I know everyone who participates is going to thank you too!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Family Photos: Alyssia Baird

I can't even wait to post this. I was going to try to wait until she actually got her family photos back, but I just can't. I'll have to do an additional post later. :)

Alyssia has been so amazing to me. She referred so many people to me before I had even met her. She is also an incredible photographer, I just love her style. She is so sweet and kind and fun to be around. I enjoyed this so much.

Foundation: Smashbox Studio Skin in 1.1
Concealer: maybelleine Instant Age Rewind in light

Lashes:  Ever ez trio lashes
I love these! I recently found these at Walgreens and they are amazing! I like them so much better than the individual cluster lashes. They're perfect for customizing how you want the false lashes to look.
The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Auburn was pretty much created for her. Thank you Anastasia.
These photos are completely unedited. Her skin is actually that beautiful.

Check out her mad skills on her website

Instagram: katielivingston1
business inquiries:

Rachell's big speech makeup

My beautiful step-sister had a big speech for school that she was giving and wanted a little boost of confidence. I'm flattered that she called me to give her the boost by doing her makeup. She didn't want anything too crazy, just a little more than an every day look.

instagram: katielivingston1

Black Friday Teaser!!!

Brooke Bakken and I are teaming up to offer a KILLER Black Friday deal. Get excited!! We will be rolling out all the deets on Black Friday and we will be offering it through Cyber Monday. Here's just a little teaser, all the details are coming soon. All I can say is you will want to take advantage of this deal, it doesn't get much better.
A big thanks to the beautiful Tonya and her family for modeling for us so we could get some great family photos for our advertisement.


 Hair and makeup by me.
Instagram: katielivingston1

Bridal: Moody inspiration shoot | Obsessed!

I got to be part of an amazing Inspiration Shoot with some super talented people a couple of weeks ago. It was so amazing! I got to work with some of the most talented ladies ever! I haven't gotten the pictures back yet but I just had to post a little something from the shoot. More pictures to come!

The florist, Nicole Land has some good genetics because not only is she gorgeous, but she was able to recruit her beautiful sister, Andrea to come model for us.

Hair and makeup by me.
Andrea was such a natural. You would have thought she had modeled a thousand times before, but the best part of it is that she's a fishing guide. The girl teaches people how to fish for a living! She is so cool. I loved getting her ready because she said she rarely wears makeup and so it was a special treat for her. I can't wait to see how all of the pictures turn out!
Wedding Planner/stylist:
Flowers: Nicole Land
my instagram: katielivingston1

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bridals: November shoot with Brooke Bakken and Breanna McKendrick

Instagram: katielivingston1

Wedding season is over and business is slowing down. Brooke Bakken had the idea of throwing together a quick photo shoot to keep us busy. I adore Brooke and she is so amazing at what she does. I also got the opportunity to meet a photographer I haven't met before and I was BLOWN AWAY! She is incredible and her name is  Breanna McKendrick, owner of Breanna Mckendrick Photography.

Brooke and I are putting together an amazing deal for Black Friday (check back on black Friday for details...its so exciting, I can't wait to roll it out!) and we thought it would be cute to get pictures taken together for that too. So I ended up doing Brooke's makeup as well. Here are a few photos from the day taken by Breanna McKendrick

 Anyone who has met Brooke Bakken knows that she does not lack in personality at all...this girl is hysterical. I always love "working" with her because she is such a spit fire and she has the funniest one-liners. I can't even remember what she said when Breanna was taking this picture, but I obviously thought it was hilarious. Thanks for always making me laugh Brooke.
My must have? Setting Spray! I set my makeup every time I do it, whether its on someone else or myself. My favorite is Ben Nye's Final Seal, then Model in a Bottle, then Urban Decay's All Nighter.

Then we were off to shoot this gorgeous girl! She was such  sweetie, we had so much fun together.

That dress and bod! Are you kidding me?!

One of the many things I love about a good photographer's mind is the way they are able to see a spot and think that it would be a great place at which to take pictures. I do not have that eye, so I find it fascinating!


Photography by Breanna McKendrick

 I'm so glad I get to work with this hottie every once in a while, and hope we get to work together much much more!

Photography by Breanna McKendrick
Sometimes my job doesn't feel like work, and any time I'm working with ladies like Brooke, Breanna, and Cydni its definitely way more fun than work.

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Livingstons official Halloween 2014 makeup!

I racked my brain for weeks on what I wanted to do for Halloween this year. My husband has never been a big fan of Halloween and dressing up, but this year he was actually pretty excited to have me don some crazy makeup on him. We agreed on being a family of scarecrows. I had to get up at 5:30 am to do my hubby's makeup before work, but I think it was worth it. He loved it. :)
My little man is only 2 so it was quite the challenge to get any makeup on him, but I managed...

We had so much fun trick-or-treating with the little man this year, and he has been asking to go trick-or-treating every day since!

Family Photos: Brooke's makeup

Brooke was having her family pictures taken and wanted to do something for herself to feel extra beautful. I'm so glad she asked me to be a part of it!
Can you believe how beautiful this girl is? Her eyes are amazing! And her personality is even more beautiful.

For Brooke we used Smashbox Studio Skin. This foundation is so great people! It gives such a flawless look without looking heavy. Once we evened out her skin tone, she actually has a very fair complexion so we warmed her up with Benefit's Hoola bronzer and MAC Melba blush. This is one of my all time favorite combinations. I have used it on so many different skin tones and its so beautiful.

Brooke and I were laughing the whole time! It took me so much longer than usual because we couldn't focus, sorry Brooke!

As you can see we couldn't even get a relaxed picture because she and I were just way too silly, and I loved every minute of it!



Kirsten's photo shoot makeup

Kirsten had a photo shoot and wanted a flawless airbrushed makeup for it. She is absolutely gorgeous and has such an infectious personality. She's also a talented graphic she's pretty perfect!
  Her photo shoot was with the extremely talented photographer Tyson French, I can't wait to see how her pictures turn out.



Kirsten wanted airbrush foundation, a simple eye, a warm contour and nude lip. I love how it turned out. She's such a beautiful girl inside and out!

Instagram: katielivingston1
for pricing questions email me at

Halloween: Maleficent and Vampire Makeup

So I was invited to a little "witches" party and it was mandatory that everyone dress up! After much deliberation I decided I would dress up as Maleficent.

I made the horns, with the help of a YouTube video, and went pretty simple with the outfit.
If you don't have expensive face paint that's ok! For this look I used a Ben Nye face paint, (less than $15) a light colored foundation, and cheap green face paint from Walmart! Mix it all up and apply it all over your face, neck and ears.
I contoured and shaded with green and gray eye shadows.
By the time I took this picture the lighting was rough but I wanted to post this one to show the detail on the eyes.
I concealed my eyebrows with glue and concealer, and used purples, black, and gold on the eyes. This was a pretty simple look to do, but it made quite the statement!
And I had to throw one more Halloween look together before I ran out of time! This is a simple vampire look...
for the face I used fair colored, full coverage foundation mixed with white face paint.
for the eyes I started from the outside in with pink eyesdahow, then red, purple, then black. The different colors just give more depth to the look. I also took a teeny tiny paint brush and black gel liner to made veins around my eyes.
for lips I used black eyeliner on the outside and red lipstick in the middle.
Don't forget to do your neck and chest. I contoured the hollows of my neck to make myself look a little sickly.
finish it off with some fake blood and you're good to go!