Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween: Maleficent and Vampire Makeup

So I was invited to a little "witches" party and it was mandatory that everyone dress up! After much deliberation I decided I would dress up as Maleficent.

I made the horns, with the help of a YouTube video, and went pretty simple with the outfit.
If you don't have expensive face paint that's ok! For this look I used a Ben Nye face paint, (less than $15) a light colored foundation, and cheap green face paint from Walmart! Mix it all up and apply it all over your face, neck and ears.
I contoured and shaded with green and gray eye shadows.
By the time I took this picture the lighting was rough but I wanted to post this one to show the detail on the eyes.
I concealed my eyebrows with glue and concealer, and used purples, black, and gold on the eyes. This was a pretty simple look to do, but it made quite the statement!
And I had to throw one more Halloween look together before I ran out of time! This is a simple vampire look...
for the face I used fair colored, full coverage foundation mixed with white face paint.
for the eyes I started from the outside in with pink eyesdahow, then red, purple, then black. The different colors just give more depth to the look. I also took a teeny tiny paint brush and black gel liner to made veins around my eyes.
for lips I used black eyeliner on the outside and red lipstick in the middle.
Don't forget to do your neck and chest. I contoured the hollows of my neck to make myself look a little sickly.
finish it off with some fake blood and you're good to go!

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