Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bree | What a difference a brow makes

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 This is Bree and she had a family photo shoot that she wanted a mini makeover for. Bree has trouble with her brows not growing towards the center, well that's nothing a little Anastasia Brow Wiz can't fix. 


totally gorgeous already


As you can see, eyebrows can change the entire look of someones face. Bree was brave enough to let me make this drastic change. Eyebrows are one of the hardest things for clients to give up control on because it is so face changing. But now she is converted to a fuller and more proportioned brow and these are some of the tips I gave her to duplicate it at home:

When drawing in brows, draw an imaginary line from your tear duct up, this is where your brow should start. Use a very light hand and softly draw short lines upwards, using a "flicking"motion. This will simulate the appearance of small hairs. Be soft with it and take your time, its a lot harder to take pencil off than to put pencil on. 
If you feel more comfortable, buy a brow stencil and use an eye shadow on an angled brush to fill your brows in, it gives a softer look. Then work your way up to drawing them in freehand.

side note, her eyes are insane right? Not fair.

A couple of random facts about the makeup:
Lips: MAC Ruby Woo
Eyelashes: Red Cherry #43

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