Saturday, October 4, 2014

More Halloween...I love October!

I can't stop. I just keep doing Halloween Makeup and I'm loving skin isn't, but I'll talk about that in my next post.
It would take me forever to thoroughly explain how I did all 4 of these, so I will just give you a few key points on how I did all of them.
Ventriloquist Dummy:
first get rid of your eyebrows by gluing them down with a glue stick and using a full coverage foundation or concealer.

Make your eyes look bigger by using a white eyeliner or eyeshadow stick (I used NYX in Milk) and lining your waterline and lower lash line, you can go even lower depending on your eyes. Then glue on fake eyelashes to the *new* bottom lash line. Then, to make my eyes look even more fake, I used an app to change the color and the size of my iris.

Accentuate your cheeks by using a brown eyeliner and blend it upwards with a matte brown shadow, then heavily blush the apples of your cheeks.

for the effect of the fake mouth, do 2 lines with a brown eyeliner and shade outwards with a matte brown shadow. Then take a white liner to line the inside of the mouth lines.

Jessica Rabbit:
Again, first get rid of your eyebrows by gluing them down with a glue stick and using a full coverage foundation or concealer. Then draw new thin, sexy eyebrows with a brow pencil.
Jessica Rabbit has those huge eyelids so create a new crease (I went to the top of my brows) and use pink, purple, and black eyeshadow to create a gradient effect.
depending on how big your lips are, you may need to overline your lips... I sure did. :) and I used MAC Ruby Woo lipstick and LA Girl Pinup gloss.

Skeleton Jack-o-lantern creepy thing:  I was inspired by a picture I saw on Instagram for this one. I used yellow and orange facepaint from one of those cheapo Halloween makeup kits from walmart. Then for the black, I used Wet n' Wild black gel liner from the Fergie Collection. This stuff is amazing! It's so affordable and so pigmented. Then I used a red eyeshadow to outline all the black to give it more depth.
For the veins I used a Sigma E05 brush and the black gel liner.
And then I obviously photographed in front of a black back drop so the blacked out edges of my face would disappear.

Ursula: this one was a doozy.
I used white, blue, and purple face paint. Then I used purple and blue for the shadowing and contouring.
For the eyes I glued down my eyebrows and drew new one that were much higher and more cartoony. (don't think that's a word) Then made a new higher crease with black gel liner, and filled it in with blue and black shadows. I highlighted my new brow bone with a white eyeshadow base and white eyeshadow.
For the lips, I waaay over drew them and used LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Pinup.

For this picture I put a filter on it to make it look a little more like a cartoon.

I have never done any of these characters before, these were my fist attempts. I have learned a lot from each makeup and know I would do a better job next time I do it. It is all trial and error. Ursula was not coming together at all so I just kept messing with it until she started to come together. I'm still not thrilled with her, but that gives me motivation to practice and get hopefully get better.  Just try to have fun and play with it and don't give up.


If you recreate any of these looks I would LOVE it if you tagged me on instagram: katielivingston1

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