Friday, February 20, 2015

a few Before and Afters | and some brow talk

February was a big month for ladies to do special photo shoots for their men! I love it! I have gotten to meet so many amazing women. Here are a few before and after shots of the makeup (and sometimes hair) that I've done recently.

(no editing or retouching has been done)

I couldn't stop telling her how much I loved her eyebrows...they were amazing and full and had the perfect arch! Ladies: DO NOT OVERPLUCK YOUR EYEBROWS! Eventually they will stop growing back. Kind of like when your mom told you to stop crossing your eyes or they would get stuck like that...except this is real life. Your eyebrows will stop freaking growing back! IF you have already done the damage and they are very sparse, STEP AWAY FROM THE TWEEZERS. This is hard, I know, but I've done it. Grow them out for at least 6 weeks. The brow serums they make are usually very effective, and can help the growing out process, but do your research first before applying anything to your skin. Then once they are full, please go to a professional. Maybe not a mall kiosk, a real brow expert. See if your local department store has an Anastasia of Beverly Hills counter. Look on your social media for brow hashtags. Look at their work before you trust them around with tweezers. End of rant.


She asked for some curls that weren't too "done", In order to do that  I left the bottom 1-2 inches out of the curling iron. I was freaking out over her hair color! It was amazing. I think the loose beachy curls really complimented all the dimension in her hair.

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